Allen & Heath Xone:DX

Four deck action with this complete digital DJ solution

L_Gal_1_Xone_DXThe Allen & Heath Xone-DX is a new controller for Serato Itch. The DX offers a wide variety of features that vastly improve your mixing experience. If you use Serato and you want to condense your set up into one, easy to manage controller, the DX is the solution for you. Still got vinyl you want to use in your sets? not a problem.. The Xone DX allows you to connect 2 additional turntables or CD players that can be played and mixed along side your digital music within Itch.

Using the knowledge gained from the incredible Xone 4D, the Xone DX is a fantastic alternative for any digital DJ who doesn´t own or use Traktor or any other Digital mixing system. It borrows many of the controls you see on the 4D, such as the jog wheels, large 3 band EQ pots and the UV reflective legend that makes the DX very easy to use in a dark club.

The Xone DX ships with software entitled ´Itch´. Serato ITCH is an integrated software and hardware system, designed to give music selectors and DJs new kinds of control. Serato and ITCH partners have made award winning DJ systems that operate without CD players or turntables. This will be the latest version of Itch that supports many new functions, a couple of which are the addition of 4 deck control and built in effects.

The 4 channels are also used by Itch to control all 4 Decks within the software. Even though there are only 2 physical decks on the DX, there are actually 2 layers on each deck. This allows the user to switch between the deck via a single button. This then changes a bi colour LED to reflect which deck you are using ( i.e. a red LED to indicate deck one is in use and a green LED to indicate deck three is in use).

The Xone DX has a built in 20 channel 24bit/96kHz sound card which can be used to record as well as outputting up to 4 channels at the same time through the channels on the DX. The main output is a stereo balanced output via XLR connectors. You can also use a microphone via the XLR input on the front of the Xone DX.

The effects are controlled by the Xone DX´s on-board effect controls. These are located on the top of the mixer. You can assign both effect units to either of the decks independently or you can assign both effect units to one deck for unlimited effect possibilities!

For quick mixing/cueing, The Xone DX features 4 ´Hot Cue´ controls. these are located at the bottom of each ´deck´ on the DX. you can quickly recall cues points at the blink of an eye allow faster cue times and offering the potential to experiment with samples that have been assigned to the Hot Cues.

Each of the decks have a Jog Wheel that allow you to cue and pitch bend the music you are looking to mix. The Jog Wheels do not have the ability to scratch whilst the deck is playing.

Other main features include:

Censor button – this allows the user to effectively ´censor´ music with offensive language or other possible indecent material by pressing the Censor button. This reverses the music coming through that deck. When the button is released the music will continue from where you would have been in the track if you had not pressed the Censor button.

Rotary Pitch Control – These are unlike most controllers as the encoder is not a slider. This is because of the way that you change between the virtual decks within Serato Itch. If there were sliders instead of Pots for the pitch control, every time you switch between decks the slider would have to move to match the pitch slider position of each deck. This as you could imagine would take up unnecessary processor power and would make switch between decks a bit more complicated than it needs to be. The pitch control can offer acurancy to 00.01 % or 01.00 % when the pitch control pot is puched down.

Loop – The Xone DX has 2 loop controls on the controller. These are located on each deck. The loop function can be controlled manually via rotary controls or automatically controlled by the DX and Itch. Simply adjust the length of the loop you want and press the ´On´ button. The controller and Itch will communicate with each other to ensure that the loop is in time and makes sure that it stays that way.

Roll – With in the Loop control there is a ´Roll´ feature. This allows you to loop a small section of music and then be able to release the ´Roll´ the music will continue from where you would have been in the track if you had not activated the Roll effect.

Audio Through – This feature allows you to plug an MP3 player in via an audio input which allows you to play music straight through the DX. This is to enable you to keep the party moving even if your computer crashes.

Linkable Cue control – The Cue Link will allow you to connect the cue listen to another DX or headphone amp. The Dx will send all signal that is being cued from the ´host´ unit to another unit to allow you to cue something on another controller/mixer without disrupting the ´host´ DX.


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